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What is Direct Reimbursement?
A better Dental, Medical (HRA), Health Savings Account (HSA), and Vision Plan, at lower costs.

Direct Reimbursement is a self-funded benefit plan which can provide the highest quality of health care in the most economical way. With direct reimbursement, your company only pays for the  benefit it receives and the cost to organize and administer the plan. Prior to direct reimbursement, companies were forced to treat their dental plans like their medical plans by paying high insurance premiums. The problem with treating this the same, is that dental costs are controllable, extremely predictable, and unlike medical claims, non-catastrophic. Treating them the same costs companies more money. It is not necessary to pay for insurance on benefits that can be controlled, predicted and relatively low in cost.

Companies can offer an HSA plan for employees providing a tax saving benefit to employee and employer. This allows employee to save for many of the common expenses they may incur.

By raising your medical insurance deductible and utilizing an HRA to reimburse the deductible or a portion of the deductible, companies are enjoying spectacular savings. 

Direct Reimbursement Administrative Services, Ltd.

Direct Reimbursement Administrative Services, Ltd., (DRAS, Ltd.), was developed in 1998 to fulfill a growing need in the set-up and third party  administration of direct reimbursement benefit plans. Our corporate office is in Kettering, Ohio (near Dayton). 

DRAS, Ltd., is a company specializing in the design, implementation and administration of self-funded plans. Our executive staff includes over 150 years of combined experience in healthcare, administration, insurance claims, computer systems, marketing, customer service and bookkeeping. DRAS, Ltd., also retains the services of an accountant, attorney, and dentist to assist your needs.

Direct Reimbursement Administrative Services is an appointed Direct Reimbursement dental benefit representative of the Ohio Dental Association. The Michigan Dental Association has established an exclusive working relationship with DRAS to provide employers with the assistance needed to initiate all aspects of a direct reimbursement dental plan for its employees.

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