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Services - Dental, Medical (HRA), Health Savings Account (HSA), and Vision

Design your plan
We will design a customized plan for your company to meet your proposed health care budget. Keeping on budget has never been easier.

Cost Estimates
We can run a free cost analysis for the plan your company desires.

Bank Account Set-up
DRAS, Ltd., will help to set-up your account and establish the most cost efficient banking system to handle the necessary transactions.

Implementation of Your Plan
DRAS, Ltd., will implement and assist in communications and enrollment.

Third Party Administration (TPA)
DRAS, Ltd., will completely administer your plan; process all claims, calculate benefits to be reimbursed, and issue checks with explanation of benefits year and 1099s to health care provider and any necessary detailed report. 

Employee Eligibility
Each claim will be verified for eligibility

Financial Reports
DRAS, Ltd., will issue monthly reports detailing plan utilization of benefits, claims processed and total checks issued.

Communication to Health Care Providers
DRAS, Ltd., will answer questions and clarify your plan to local health care providers.

Plan Updates, Renewals and Evaluation
DRAS, Ltd., will evaluate your plan to ensure it meets your changing situation and goals. We will provide the necessary reports to properly evaluate your plan.

Plan Modifications
DRAS, Ltd., can annually make modifications to your plan to ensure it meets your needs

Stop Loss Insurance
DRAS, Ltd., can provide a Stop Loss Insurance if you are interested in a cap on your contingent liability.

Summary Plan Document
DRAS, Ltd., can provide the necessary ERISA document

Section 125, COBRA, ERISA Compliance
DRAS, Ltd., can assist you with compliance of federal laws.

Availability and Attention to Detail
We process claims daily and checks are issued on the 15th and the 30th of each month, or the closest working day. Check register reports will be faxed or e-mailed with an adequate time period to allow adequate transferring of funds.

Integration of Dental, Medical (HRA), Health Savings Account (HSA), and Vision Plans
DRAS, Ltd., can integrate with other health care needs.

Commitment to Saving you Money

DRAS, Ltd., can administer many plans more economically than one individual company can. Our specialization as a third party administrator of self-funded benefit plans ensures your cost will be less than if you tried to administer this benefit yourself.

DRAS, Ltd...

  • handles all the questions from dental, medical and vision providers.
  • ensures an efficient process for your employees.
  • saves your company time associated with managing, training, and keeping up-to-date on plan changes; allowing you to focus on your business, making it more profitable.
  • cuts your administrative costs including: employee salaries, taxes, vacation and sick days, telephone calls, postage, letters, envelopes, forms, check costs, printing checks, bookkeeping and expenses.
  • employs experts to review submitted claims.
  • retains services of professionals with specialized knowledge in employee benefits.
Overhead Comparison

Indemnity/Insured 15% - 30%
HMO/DHMO 30% - 40%
Traditional/Self-Funded 9% - 13%
Direct Reimbursement 4% - 8%

Source: Alliance for Dental Reimbursement Plans

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