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Employers Using
Direct Reimbursement for Their Dental, Medical and Vision Plans:
(NOTE: This is not a list of Direct Reimbursement Adm. Services clients).
Albuquerque, City of,
New Mexico


Journal/Sentinel, Wisconsin 1,400
Aladdin Mills, Georgia 3,400 Kimball International, Indiana 2,900
Amarillo School Texas 2,600 Lubbock School District, Texas 3,500
Birmingham, City of, Alabama 4,000 Bank of Mississippi 1,050
Carolina Medical Center, North Carolina 7,000 Mohawk Carpets, Georgia 9,000
Carroll County Schools, Maryland 2,000 Nationale Netherlanden/N. Arner. Prop./Cas., Indiana 2,200
Chattanooga School District, Tennessee 2,400 Nebraska Public Power District, Nebraska 2,000
Crown Crafts, Calhoun, Georgia 2,200 North Carolina Baptist Hospital, North Carolina 3,700
Dow Chemical Company, Indiana 2,200 Salvation Army, Illinois 1,400
Dow Coming, Michigan 4,100 SCI Corporation, Texas 8,000
Eli Lilly and Company, Indiana 17,000 South Carolina National Bank, South Carolina 4,000
Escambia County
Schools, Florida
3,000 South Dakota State Employees, South Dakota 1,000
Evansville, City of, Indiana 1,300 Synovous Financial Group, Georgia 6,000
First Security Service, Utah 6,300 United Firefighters, California 3,300
Florida Hospital Medical Center, Florida 3,500 Venice Hospital, Florida 2,300
GAB Business Services, New Jersey 3,600 Wachovia Bank,
North Carolina
Greensboro, City of,
North Carolina
2,000 William L Bonnell Company, lnc Newnan, Georgia 1,500
Guilford County Schools, North Carolina 6,000 Wilmington, City of, Delaware 1,300
Winston-Salern, City of, North Carolina 2,600
Yale University, Connecticut 3,600

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